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    Exclamation help needed with project

    Hello everyone. Some help would be appreciated. I have created a wildlife resort database with access.
    It has an animals table with 5 entries, a species table with 3 entries and a user table with 3 entries.
    I have set up a JDBC-ODBC bridge.
    The server side of this application when run gets stuck upon pressing connect the first time so I have to run the server again while the first server window is running in the background and press connect for it to start running. The server works just fine after that. I can add and remove from the tables using the server.
    When I run the client and try to connect it. It connects but can't log in. It doesn't accept a username or password. So I can't add or remove tables on the client side of the aplication.
    I think the problem is with the threads but I'm not sure what to do to fix it.
    Also I use net beans for coding.
    I have attached one of the classes i think might have the problem.
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    Default Well, yes, it is a Threading issue - but......

    This could be done in a Thread: public void connecting() throws IOException { and single threading is what is blocking the app, yes - but implementing reasonably relaible threading even as a student level work is remarkably fraught with frustrations and hidden errors that do not detect even with sophisticated techniques paired with deep consideration of the Threading domain.

    Do you need help getting threads to talk across the application? Getting some get-going techinques for intra-process communication is neither difficult nor advanced, it is shielding ones efforts from failure in commercial grade applications that proves wisdom to be 'leave it alone'. Inter-process communication is another matter.

    Just start with a static synchornized accessor( Object getSet ) and do a little twiddling in a super-simplified one-off written for the purpose of learning. If you are getting paid to do the work, you are on your own. Google for Java Real Time Specification, read the whole tuna.

    Read every word in it's entire current form.

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