I'm having problem with connecting to MS SQL DB using Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server.
The situation looks like this:
I can connect to DB normaly when I run it on localhost, I mean my program + DB server is on localhost, I'm using Windows authentification library (sqljdbc_auth.dll.) for this.
And it works fine.

However when I wanted to add to this Web Start it fails. So I have remote server with Apache + DB and I have compiled my program, uploaded on remote server.
When I run app (by JNLP downloaded from remote server) I receive error ( This driver is not configured for integrated authentication.)
I suspect that I cant see that lib used for DB connection(sqljdbc_auth.dll.) when I'm running program localy.
But how to include this lib into my program? I know that I can somehow include "nativelib" into my JNLP file and then it will be visible by program.
However can anyone explain it to me step by step? Or is there any tutorial? I have tried and ask many colegues, forums etc but failed to find anything similar.

Thanks a lot.