I read the document in the website of HA-JDBC about database password encryption in the xml config file and I unable to decrypt the password when I connect to my database. So, it return me exception which is invalid user or password. The following is my configuration in my xml config file:

<xa-datasource id="Derby1A" weight="100" local="true">
<property name="user">clientuser</property>
<property name="password">64:MTIzNDU2Nzg=</property>
<property name="portNumber">1527</property>
<property name="databaseName">Testing</property>
<property name="serverName"></property>

I put 64 in front the encrypted password, so, it will decrypt the password by using Base64 decoder to decrypt the password.
Does anyone familiar with HA-JDBC can provide me some idea or solution about my problem ?
Thanks a lot...