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    Lightbulb How to get object from composite-id in Hibernate?

    Hi all, im new here, and newbie in java also

    I usually get an object using id, which that id as the only PK, just like this:
    Deposito deposito = dao.getDeposito(depositoId);

    but now my Deposito doesn't allow to have id field, and have multiple PKs, here's the hbm code snipplet:
    <key-many-to-one name="dimTime" column="TIME_KEY"/>
    <key-many-to-one name="dimLocation" column="LOCATION_KEY"/>
    <key-property name="accountNumber" column="ACCOUNT_NUMBER" length="7"/>

    my question is:
    How to get object that have composite-id in Hibernate?

    actually i want to ask this question in this thread, I got it from google search, but im affraid it's gonna be OOT.

    so, please help me & thanx b4!!:cool:

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    sorry, i forget to show the code for getting Deposito in one id, here's my code:

    public Deposito getDeposito(Long id) {
    Deposito deposito = (Deposito) getHibernateTemplate().get(Deposito.class, id);
    if (deposito == null) {
    throw new ObjectRetrievalFailureException(Deposito.class, id);
    return deposito;

    Im not change it yet, but now I got trouble to get it with many PK.

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