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    Default Problems in finding best suitable jdbc driver

    Hi All,

    We have recently planned to migrate from 2005 to 2008, on doing the same on test environment everything seems to be working fine except on some scenarios where batch execution was used with registerOutParameter it started giving "java.sql.BatchUpdateException: The OUT and INOUT parameters are not permitted in a batch ". We have upgraded the jdbc driver with the latest sqljdbc4 & also used jTDS drivers still didn't work.

    Please anyone suggest me to resolve this issue.

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    Default Re: Problems in finding best suitable jdbc driver

    I'm pretty sure that batching CallableStatements that have OUT/INOUT is not allowed under JDBC.
    It's quite possible SQL Server has fixed this loophole?

    From here.
    The SQL Server JDBC Driver 3.0 is compliant with the JDBC 4.0 recommendation that a call to the CallableStatement.executeBatch method (inherited from PreparedStatement) will throw a BatchUpdateException if the stored procedure accepts OUT or INOUT parameters or returns something other than an update count.
    You could therefore try a lower driver than sqljdbc4 (which is the 4.0 version?)?
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