Hi all,

I am new to Oracle PL/SQL but I am in the mid of producing design plan for a new web-based application (more specifically, back office system). I am thinking of using:

- Oracle Database
- Oracle PL/SQL (for batch process)
- Java Technology (for web tier)

The reason to decide on PL/SQL and Java for batch processing and web tier is due to the strength of PL/SQL in performance and JAVA as good platform for web layer. Please correct if I am wrong.

I am urgently require to decide on the technology used for my new application. The followings are my questions and hope that those who have done the similar could advise me:

1) Do you agree that JAVA is not suitable for batch processing (mostly business logic that performing complex calculation, file download, multiple table updates etc.) due to its poor performance?

2) What are the recommended (combination of) technologies used for application that rely heavily on batch processes and Web Interface?

3) Could anyone explain how JAVA integrate (or calling and return result) with PL/SQL?

Billion Thanks.