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    Question connect JDBC to offline database


    I have MySQL Server 5.0 installed in computer C:/Program Files/MySQL/MySQL Server5.0/ and create a DB called "photo".

    I use JAVA programming to connect MySQL database by the following code and succeed,

    public class PhotoSQL {
    private String driver="com.mysql.jdbc.Driver";
    private String url="jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/photo";
    private String username="root";
    private String password="12345";

    But, I also have a backup database "photo_bak" in D:/BackUp/

    is it possible to connect to database table in D:/BackUp/ with no MySQL Server installed in D:/??
    if possible, how to change the url path so that I can connect to database in D:/BackUp/ and get the data from it??

    Thank you very much!!


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    MySQL runs as a service on your machine. The data base file is not accessed directly by java, but instead via this service.

    Java can talk to a database using JDBC.

    You might want to try over at MySQL Forums for information on how to use your database backup.

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