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    Default Connections to data bases

    When we work with connections to data bases and do operations like select, we must generate the following objects:
    A Connection, a Statement and a ResultSet.
    When finalizing the query one must close the connection and the other objects.
    My question is the following one:
    the ResultSet object, it is created through Statement object, and this through Connection object, is it enough to close the Connection object?, that is to say, to do a Connection.close(), or is it necessary to close the three objects one by one?


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    You have that to close one by one.
    The method of the Connection object gives you an object Statement, and the object Statement gives you a Resultset, it does not mean that one “contains” to the others.
    They are objects that “live” in independent form, are in different zones from memory, etc, etc, etc.


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