I wish to create an rss feed that automatically updates itself.

As a first step to do that Im trying to learn redirection of pl/sql output buffer to jsp page.
First I thought i would put a html page onto the browser and later an xml and so on.

This is the hello_world procedure.

HTP.print ('<html>');
HTP.print ('<head>');
HTP.print ('<title>You knew it was coming...</title>');
HTP.print ('</head>');
HTP.print ('<!-- ');
HTP.print ('This phrase is in every computer book.');
HTP.print ('--!>');
HTP.print ('<body bgcolor=blue>');
HTP.print ('And here it is .... Hello, World!');
HTP.print ('</body>');
HTP.print ('</html>');

I can understand from google searches that htp package on termination of this procedure puts the output on to the oracle output buffer.

I wish to put it onto a jsp page now.

I tried this code inside a servlet

Database connection code snippet comes here
. . . . . .
. . . . . .

CallableStatement cs=null;
try {
cs = conn.prepareCall("{call hello_world}");
} catch (SQLException e) {
out.println("Statement not called properly");

try {
} catch (SQLException e) {
out.println("Statement Not executed properly");

I am waiting for that html to come on to the browser when i execute this servlet. But I get
" Statement Not executed properly "
on the browser screen.
Did I miss out anything in this.? Feedback appreciated.