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    Lightbulb Connection to data base

    Hello, I have a class that allows me to establish a connection with a data base and I have other classes singleton that uses the first that I described obtaining a connection. By each method in which I use the connection, first I open the data base, I use it and thenI close it.

    Something like this:

    Java Code:
    Connection conn = new Connection ();
    .............. something of code....... 
    This works, simply I want to know if it is correct to do it in this way, or if it is possible to improved it.

    Daniel :o

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    hello! you could use singleton pattern, hereby you avoid, ( in case of having 500 users), to have 500 objects Connection thing that waste memory.


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    If it is an application Web, and it is going to have many consults. I advise to you to read a little of Connection Pool to increase the performance and make the system more robust from the point of view of the concurrent consultations…
    The code that you showed didn't say a lot, because you encapsulate everything in Connection. of which there are no details…


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