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    Default Looking for help regarding an idea/building of database application

    Hi there,

    The company I am currently working for this summer is using a Microsoft Access database that is nearing the end of its life, they have almost hit the 2gb limit imposed by Access and the database application is beginning to lag and slow down (due to the size and fact that 3-4 users use it concurrently). I do have a good amount of experience in Java (I am currently in University majoring in Computer Science) and am thinking about rebuilding this database using MySQL or Derby alongside a custom built Java application. I've never dealt directly with a MySQL or Derby database but I feel pretty confident that I can handle dealing with that side of things.

    The goal is to have the database hosted on a shared part of the network and then each user has an executable that they can run to access the database (this includes viewing,editing and adding data). However I read somewhere that databases are read-only when accessed from within a JAR executable. For some reason my university has neglected to teach much about executable files and distribution so I'm a little lost on where to go from here with the idea. The people that will be using the application are not that computer literate so having it launch something like an executable is a definite requirement. Is there a way to roll out a Java application like this and have that application be able to fully access a database?

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    Default Re: Looking for help regarding an idea/building of database application

    I would suggest MySQL.
    Derby is good for small scale stuff, but lacks a lot of the features of a full-fledged database.

    Since the database won't be in the executable jar file you distribute (it'll be on the server) you won't have a problem with read only.
    As it's on a local server on your local network then setting up a jar that'll work "out of the box" won't be a problem.
    Assuming you're developing on a box on the same network then if you can connect when building your code, the end user should be able to.
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