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    Default MalFormed DataBase Schema

    Hi All,

    I have created an android application that creates an sqllite database.

    The applications purpose is to collect data from of field crops in which are organised into rows and columns.

    Their are consequently columns within a sqlite database table named 'COLUMN' and 'ROW'. The android application allows
    these columns to be created with these names.

    When a take this database load it onto a computer and use the SqlLiteJDBC Driver to connect and bind the table with these columns
    to a JTable I get the following error.

    java.sql.SQLException: malformed database schema (TrialFiles) - near "Column": syntax error

    My question is: Has anybody come across this situation before and how did you get around it. I do not really want to change the android application unless absolutely necessary.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: MalFormed DataBase Schema

    WHat does your SQL look like?
    Normally, if you'd made the mistake of naming your columns after SQL keywords, you'd stick them in quotes.
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    Default Re: MalFormed DataBase Schema

    Thanks for that.

    Upon rechecking the sql it appears that I did not include escape the fieldnames in the statement with backticks.


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