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    Default Java Resultset exception

    The process I am following are the following:
    1. I am getting a ResultSet, which is a set of rows to be updated one by one.
    2. So I put them in a while loop while( { ... }
    3. Within the while loop, I need to update a value for which I need to do another search query (I need value from a previous row). This throws an exception.

    Any solutions?

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    Default Re: Java Resultset exception

    Moved from Advanced Java. A question asking the meaning of an unspecified Exception isn't advanced anyways.

    What exception? From what code? Recommended reading: How to ask questions the smart way

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    Default Re: Java Resultset exception

    What exception?
    We're not mind readers...

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    Default Re: Java Resultset exception

    Sorry, my mistake. The question was about nested resultsets. I used the same Statement and ResultSet for both which led to this trouble. Also my first time using this site. I tried to remove this post, but could not. If anyone can help me remove the same, would be helpful.

    I hope to be active on this forum though.

    Thanks to all,


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