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    Default Better in Java or into the database?

    I'm not a java programmer but I need to undestand your viewpoint about this topic.
    When you develop a Java program which gets data from the user (for example a Web page) and uses them for performing and put the result into the database, do you usually tend to write all of the logics into java-embedded-sql or you call Oracle stored procedures for getting (for me) the best results in terms of performances and portability?
    Most of Oracle developers and DBA, like me, believe that java wasn't designed to process data and wasn't built on mathematical Logic, so only the frontend, and no more, should be done in Java, .Net, PHP, whatever, while all the logics should be left on database side by using stored procedures and packages written by pl/sql developers.
    I'd like to know which approach you generally follow in your develop teams.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Better in Java or into the database?

    the program logic usually is stored in the backed, such as PHP/ASP/JSP.

    i still haven't tried using Java for a REAL back-end application, so i can't tell (i don't think java is designed to be a 'front-end' kind of language that sucks at it.)

    however, i like separating the program logic/procedures from the dbms and using the backed engine instead.
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