To detect a conflict in a column of a row during the reconnection of a rowset to a database, the SyncResolver has the present value of the database in its column. Other colums have the null value.

How is it possible to detect that a column is the source of a conflict if the value in the database is null?

1. The value in the database is 5.
2. The rowset get the values of the database.
3. The rowset disconnects.
4. The user changes the value in the rowset: he puts 6 instead of 5.
4. Meanwhile someone else changes directly the value in the database without using the rowset: he puts null instead of 5 in the database.
5. When the rowset connects and the changes are propagated back to the database. A conflict is detected. But, as the value in the database is null, it is not possible to know which column produced the conflict.

Thanks in advance for your help.