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    THanks for the help I figured it out.

    I missed the quotes '+sss+' nothing to do with fram work

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    Whoever you are working for is going to have to train you I'm afraid.
    If they expect you to be able to do this work then you need to know how SQL works and how JDBC (or at least your framework) works. That code there, along with your question, and your lack of sufficient knowledge to identify what that exception means really shows you lack the knowledge currently to be doing this.

    For starters:
    "Should I change the value of it to something besides varchar?"
    is not a question anyone can reasonably ask without knowing your requirements for this project. That's something you and whoever is analysing and designing this will have to figure out.

    "Could you post what the sql format should be in .jsp format?"
    shows a complete lack of understanding of how JDBC type code fits in with a webapp (or any app for that matter). It's not something you should be expected to figure out from a forum like this.

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