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    Default Hosting a DB server

    So I've been playing around with DB's and I had a few questions that I couldn't get the right answer from google.

    What is the difference between a relational database management system and relational model database server,(I'm looking at MySql and Microsoft SQL Server 2008)

    So I just wanted to try and host a database from my home computer and access it through a java program from another computer. Could this be done with MySql or Microsoft SQL Server?

    My initial thoughts: MySql is used to manage a database, but isn't an actual server, and to start a server you would need a program like Microsoft SQL Server. But can Microsoft SQL Server also be used to manage the database?

    I'm downloading Microsoft SQL Server right now, I just wanted to get my questions sorted before I dig into it.

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    Both of them are databases, and can be set up to be accessed from other machines.
    There's no major difference in that respect.

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