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    Default Some problems with Java DB(Embedded)

    I am working with netbeans and while building my project I was testing everything with a Java DB created through netbeans. It uses a driver called clientdriver, and it worked perfectly. Now when I try to switch everything to java db embedded, The program compiles and runs, but it won't retrieve or edit the database. All I should have to do is change url, password, user, and driver right? What am I missing?

    The way I make a java db(embedded), I right click on driver Java DB(Embedded) and connect and make a database. I grab the tables I already created through my other database.

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    Can you show some code from your project? So it's difficult to understand what it problem.
    and I advice you use IDE only as tools which facilitates the development process. You must can to run your projects without some IDE.
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    There needs to be some code within your code to actually start the embedded db up.
    AT least assuming it works like Derby.

    Check the JavaDB docs.

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