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    Default What is url of my database? MySql WorkBench

    Hello members,
    I am very new to the database, so i opted a gui(MySql WorkBench).
    #1.I created a server instance name 'MySql@localhost'
    #2.I created a conncetion 'localhost' user 'root', host 'localhost:3306'
    #3.then in 'localhost' connection created a schema 'online_auction'
    #4.In 'online_auction' created a table 'user' with 5 colums.

    I am using connector J
    So now what will be the URL of my table 'user' which i can use in my Code.
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    If you haven't said which schema you've logged into as root then you'll need to append the schema name to the table name, I think.
    SELECT * FROM online_auction.user

    You should be able to tell connectorJ which one to log into, though, so you can skip that bit.

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