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    Default Migrating to a new Oracle version

    I'm a Java programmer and a Transact SQL DBA. So i have knowledge about databases but now we have a database who performs very bad and got much deadlock problems and so on. It's an Oracle Database.

    We have Oracle version 9 and an application in Delphi. The bad performance is only since a while. We have cleaned the archive.
    My suggestion is why not migrate to a newer version of Oracle. Change some hardware specs get up to date.Then i think we will have less problems.

    But ofcourse this is more trail on erro. That why i hope there is an Oracle specialist here who can help me with a few questions.

    Users and Specs
    I got 150 till 180 users
    i got a server with one processor XEON 233 GHZ
    4 gig memory

    1. Is it an idea to upgrade? Maybe not to solve al the problems, but version 9 is old, there is version 10 or 11.

    2. Which version we should use 10 or 11. 11 is in use for a while so this sounds like a good idea.

    3. Are the specs OK or must i do something about the server to?
    Maybe dual core, or Enterprise (64 bit)

    4. Maybe for 64 bit i need Oracle version 11 to have good support on it?

    I hope somebody can help me a bit.


    Kind regards,

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    You don't think that, possibly, the Oracle forums at OTN would be a better place to ask an Oracle migration question like this? They being run by Oracle and all.

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    Thanks for your reply. I have a userid for the Oracle site, so the forum works for me.
    I will try it there.

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