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    Unhappy Derby Mystery..!!!!

    Could anyone please advice me about a strange behavior of derby Database?

    1. I have created a table in an Embedded Derby Database with the name "PC"
    2. In this table there is a field with the name "EMPID" type of INT, and it is accepting null entries.
    3. I have created the dbconnection
    dBconnection = DriverManager.getConnection(connString + database,
    user, password);
    4. I have created a Result Set and a Prepared Statement as well:
    private PreparedStatement readXrPc;
    private ResultSet resultSet;
    5. Then I created the initialize prepare statement:
    readXrPc = dBconnection.prepareStatement("SELECT * FROM
    6. Then I created a method in order to read the records I want..
    public ArrayList<PcClass> readEmpIdPc(int ypid){
    readXrPc.setInt(1, ypid);
    resultSet = readXrPc.executeQuery();......
    7. I called the method with ypid=25 (I have at least two entries with this ID in my table)..

    Nothing happens.. the result set is empty..
    When i run the same SQL qyery in the SQL editor everything is Ok and i have the correct results..

    I changed the select statement to "SELECT * FROM APP.PC" and I override the method "toString" in roder to see what entries we have in the result set for the field EMPID..

    I saw that when this field has one entry (everything not only the 25 i am looking for) the result is the number 1..
    And when there is no entry (null) the result is 0...

    Could anyone knows what is going wrong here..?


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    just a newbie also...
    but in my case...i have to connect using SERVICES tab.
    when will display as follows:
    2011-01-22 21:37:05.044 GMT : Security manager installed using the Basic server security policy.
    2011-01-22 21:37:10.046 GMT : Apache Derby Network Server - - (802917) started and ready to accept connections on port 1527

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    Well, in your create table statement, did you designate the column as "NOT NULL"?

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    Can you show us the code where to loop through the resultset?

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