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    Default How To insert non-english Strings to Database

    Hello ,

    I need to insert non-english Strings into a database , i am using mysql database, and the non-english text is "arabic"

    Now i set the collation of my database,tables and fields to


    anyway , i have no problem reading from database in to the application.

    it reads arabic text successfully , the problem is when i try to write to the database. the String displays at the database is "??????" instead of the actual text.

    Any Suggestions ?!!

    Thank You for your time

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    See the following link: MySQL :: MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: Using Character Sets and Unicode
    It explains that the JDBC Driver for ConnectorJ uses client encoding for data transfer from client to server, so you should specify the encoding using the characterEncoding property in the url, something like:
    Java Code:

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    Yes , it worked.

    That solved the problem .

    Thank You very much Sir

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