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    Default Oracle DB with servlet

    Hi friends i am doing one project(web development using j2EE). In which i want to register and login the users, so i have to connect with oracle database(don't conclude for any other Db , i like oracle only). I'm using netbeans and oracle 8i for my project. How to connect the oracle with netbeans. Give me full details including program code.

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    Couldn't you find something a little less out of date?

    Presuming this is an 8.1.7 db, you will be limited to either the classes12.jar and Java 1.2 or 1.3, or the ojdbc14.jar and Java 1.5. Those are the driver jar files which will need to be on your runtime classpath.

    That should be plenty for you to actually achieve a connection. Anything else can be gained from the Oracle documentation for the drivers and the JDBC tutorial.

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