Hello ,

I am creating a project that needs connection to a database at another Computer. So the project will connect to this computer in order to access the database.

I created most of the project using a local connection (ODBC) driver , that is connected to SQL Server 2008 .

Now , i would like to make the connection by using the IP address of the computer that contains the database(The Server) .

My Problem is , i am using SQL server 2008 and using the driver "jdbc.odbc" ,

is that good ??

Also , is SQL server is better for this , or should i use mysql ??

Also, when i read data from the SQL server , i get "???? ????? " ,

I think that happened since the letters that are saved at the SQL are not english. but i don't know where is the problem coming from , the Java application or some settings at the SQL server 2008.

Now , to summarize my problems :-

1- How to Connect java application to a database at another PC using IP .

2-Which is better , SQL server 2008 or Mysql ?!!

3- How to save non english letters at the SQL Server 2008 ??

Thank You for ur time.