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    Default Sync two active databases

    I am in the process of building a small office application to keep track of stock , customers and so fourth.

    Coming from a web development background(PHP + MYSQL) i am used to dealing with one centralized database , I plan to have one dedicated PC which will serve as my database server and have 3 - 5 client computers interact with this one database.

    The problem is how do i make a portable version of the database for my laptop - so even if i am not in the office , i can sync with the main database server in the mornings allowing me to replicate a full copy of the database server to a local database on my laptop and sync again the database from my laptop to the main database the next day when i am back at the office.

    Both databases will be updated frequently between syncs - how do i ensure that after each sync , the data in the main database server is updated correctly ? , is this possible or should i rather develop an online solution ?

    I am using PostGresSQL.

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    Keeping two independent databases in synch can be a nightmare. You open yourself to all sorts of issues - especially what happens when the same record is updated.
    IMHO - it would be better to develop some sort of online application. This could be a website or use a SOAP or REST service to your main database. This will always mean you have one view of your data - and your customers get a better service as you know your information is always the true position.

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