I dont know if this the right place.

I would like a java (script) that read the folders and files and Automatic Export it in
*.TXT or *.Excel, HTML, or any extension you guys suggest.

- This script need to run in Xp 32bit and in the future Windows 7

I have my movies arranged, each movie has its own folder.

Like this:

>>The Boondock Saints (1999)

>>The Matrix (1999)


The script file should do the following:

-After i run the SCRipt file it export a TXT or Excel / html or any extension that show the result ,
-If the Script does not read any of TXT like the one in TROY. It display Unknown

-a Filter should display All unseen first then, Second Unknown, third SEEN
-a Filter should display Unseen, unKnown, Seen in different colors LOL
-a Filter should display the Title from A-Z and Number first for example: 1234Abcd-z

-The Script file need to count all Folders in Movies

-Export TXT or excel in C:\

THe content of the TXT/ Excel looks
Like this:

Unseen The Matrix
Unknown Troy
Seen Bad boys
Seen The Boondock Saints (1999)
Seen Titanic

Total movies 5

- Is this possible ?
- If I Run this file daily is that bad for the computer?

Thank you alll