I know procedural programming in Access 2007 IDE.
I've studied java and OO programming for some time now.
So far I've managed to create simple java program that connects to the database and does some sql.
Now I want to try to do some serious stuff like presenting data in table and create edit forms, reports etc.
What confuses me here is:
I don't see the connection between the objects and collections I use in program to manipulate with informations and database tables, meaning how can I create effect that when the info on the object changes the data in the table change as well?
I guess the confusion is because of the business logic tier that 3-tier architecture brings in contrast to 2-tier architecture (the one access has and the one I was working with). In access it was simple:
I would create table and the a form based on that table and then the fields and that was that.
Here I have some objects in between (that represent tables and their fields), but the object enough are sufficient, and I could store data in text files via serialization, not needing the database.
So my question in fact is: can someone propose some tutorials, steps on how would I create simple access one form-table application, that would be 3-tier (use classes of objects), and save all the changes on objects in tables?
Thank You