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    Default NoClassDefFoundError

    On exact same issue as poster, where I have added the jar file to the project through Netbeans only and getting the same error.

    From adding the jar file to the library, is the following code necessary in anyway?
    " System.out.println("Usage: java -classpath driver_class_path"
    +". TestDB");"

    and if so, how would it be implemented when the jar files and TestDB.class files are stored in different folders within the local directory.

    (Not Hi-Jacking the thread, as I know me and the OP share same issue exactly.)

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    Moved from this post:

    And yes, it's a hijack because even though you have the same error, you are in different environments (the OP in the other post makes no mention of NetBeans for instance) and likely have different causes.

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