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    Default Passing Variable In Frame

    Hello every one

    I want to pass parameters from one frame to another frame
    but i dont'n know how we pass variable.

    Means I have a frame with jTextField And a search Button Now My question is that when i enter any id for search then i show result in another frame.

    So please Tell me how i Pass id to another frame.

    Tahnk You

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    how i Pass id to another frame
    Not sure what you mean by a frame. I assume you mean a window being displayed on the PC's monitor. There is some class that causes that window to be displayed. The usual way to pass info to a class is either in its constructor or via a method call.

    You need to talk about the classes in your program and how they are related. Talking about frames makes no sense.

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    In addition to the above this is the database subforum...and that doesn't look like a db question to me.

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