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    Default Use the database from other pc

    hi , , ,
    i have a project to connect a database with my frames

    first i've created a database though :
    servieses > javaDB(Right click) > create database
    and then i've run (Excuete command) and i've done writing and excuting the commands and the db is ok,,,,

    now i created new project :
    file > new project > java desktop application > and from choose application shell i choosed Database Application > then i choosed my db and everything perfect and it runs okey !!!

    but the problem is : i want to submit the project in one zip file , and when i try to run it from another pc it gives an erorrs that the database is not exist !! also from my pc , the program is not running outside the IDE , I have to start the db from inside the IDE and when i close it , it wont run !!

    please help , i have to submit it tommorow

    thank you

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    Does the other PC has the database where you created it?
    The database isn't part of the build. You have to recreate the database on the other PC with the same username and password located on the getConnection() method.
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    If y are using netbeans for your development then if y want to run your project outside ide then y have to clean and build y project by netbeans tool then it create a dist folder in y project home directory
    now y can move this dist folder and y can run your program in nay sytem having jdk installed.
    Hope y got y ans.

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