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    Default Empty result set with dynamic query and row handler in iBATIS


    I'm trying to use the queryWithRowHandler method of iBATIS SqlClientTemplate, but the statement
    is returning empty ResultSet and the handleRow method of rowHandler
    is not called.

    The generated statements are returning at least one row if run manually.

    iBatis XML:
    Java Code:
    <select id="queryId" parameterClass="map" remapResults="true"> 
       <iterate property="fields" conjunction=","> $fields[]$</iterate>, COUNT(1) as pages 
       FROM aTable 
           LEFT JOIN otherTable ON (...) 
           WHERE ... 
       GROUP BY <iterate property="fields" conjunction=","> $fields[]$</iterate> 

    Java Code:
    DynamicStatModelRowHandler rowHandler = new DynamicStatModelRowHandler(fields); 
    getSqlMapClientTemplate().queryWithRowHandler("queryStat", param, rowHandler); 
    return rowHandler.getStats();

    Spring Framework 2.5.6, Ibatis, Oracle XE 10g

    Any help is much appreciated.

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    Thanks, putting resultClass="java.util.HashMap" into the opening select tag helped.

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