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    Default mysql help

    hello every one i am new member i am working with mysql in java and i have a problem here i explain it in the code by comment
    Java Code:
    String a="f";
            con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:box",
            "", "");
             myString="create table " + "table" + " (id int unsigned not null auto_increment primary key,"
                    + "sender varchar(50) not null,inbox text(20000) not null)";
    //the code execute till here
            stmt.executeQuery();///after this statement no statement will execute 
    //from here nothing will  execute
      myString="insert into  "+"TEtsing"+"box  (sender,inbox) "
                     +" values ('"+a+"','"+a +"');";
                 catch(ClassNotFoundException x){}
              catch(SQLException z){}
    and i also use method execute() and executeUpdate() but nothing changed

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    I had to clean up your formatting so that I could make sense of what was going on.
    Java Code:
        String a = "f";
    What is that for?
    Java Code:
        try {
            con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:box", "", "");
            myString = "create table " + "table" + " (id int unsigned not null auto_increment primary key,"
                       + "sender varchar(50) not null,inbox text(20000) not null)";
    You know that this will simply say "create table table (id ..." right? If that second "table" was supposed to be a String, then maybe you want something like "create table '" + table + "' (id ...".
    Java Code:
            stmt = con.prepareStatement(myString);
            //the code execute till here
            stmt.executeQuery(); // after this statement no statement will execute 
            // from here nothing will  execute
            myString = "insert into  " + "TEtsing" + "box  (sender,inbox) "
                       + " values ('"+a+"','"+a +"');";
    Similar to above -- you are saying "insert into TEtsingbox (sender..." -- but since execution didn't get there, you haven't seen problems from this yet.
    Java Code:
            stmt = con.prepareStatement(myString);
            stmt.executeQuery(); //
        catch (ClassNotFoundException x) {}
        catch (SQLException z) {}
    Really? You're going to catch those Exceptions and then totally ignore them? No wonder you can't see what problems you are having. Either handle the exceptions and do something useful, or don't catch them at all.


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