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    Default Management Game in Java

    This is more about getting some tips and advice instead of an actual question.

    Any ways I am making a football (Gaelic not soccer) management game. In this game there is going to be over 1000 players on various teams and unrecruited etc so I will need a database to store and manipulate the data. I was just looking for some advice on how to go about it. I was thinking of using mysql but seems that it will only be used by one person I was thinking that it may be overkill. I then came accross SQLite which I had never heard of but seems like it would be perfect for what I need. One important thing is that it would be best if the game could be easily installed on another computer without spending an hour setting up a DBMS first. It seems like SQLite can be packaged with an application which would be great. I have some experience with java and sql but never really made a whole application that depends on a database.

    In conclusion any thoughts and advice on how to get started at this would be great.

    PS I was just looking around and came across Apache Derby which also might be useful here. Any preferences between Derby and SQLite
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    I do know a bit about different DBMS's and it sounds like SQLite is a very light weight DBMS with good features... If I were you, I would master connecting and querying it in JAVA... Then try to make an installer that will compile SQLite on a system... There are some nice instructions to compile it on different OS's, so that is very helpful... After that I would start the design of your program...

    Best of Luck...
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