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    Thumbs down how to use Ms Access in java (help me ,its urgent)

    how to access Ms Access database from client side .i setup my project as client-server client side i have java program and in server side i have ms Access database file .how to access the db from client program .please suggest me its urgent i did not use any servlets and all .just simple database access code in java
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    what protocol are you using between your programs?

    Most simplitic solution is that you can use TCP. For you precreated tables, client can sand some sql statement. Then server program computes it. if it is executeUpdate it may return an integer. if it is a select command, it may sniff all the table values and may returns it line by line.

    man it is very simple and changes to what u r doing. If u do not use an encription on sending and receiving these, I can see what u r doing easily. try to use gnu-crypto-2.0.1 package

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