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    Default someone who would take a look at this

    i try to fill up a database using te value of a textbox

    but if i use

    DATABANK dbvoegtoe= new DATABANK("insert into MEDERWERKERS(MEDEWERKERNAAM) values('"+String.valueOf(medewerker.getText()),tru e);

    it uses the inserted text as part of the sql statement not a value

    fieldnames are correct

    the true part i use for a flag for handeling errors
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    First of all, you are missing the closing '

    Secondly, you shouldn't be concatenating user values directly into an SQL statement like that, what happens if the value entered is
    Java Code:
    ';delete * from MEDERWERKERS;--
    Use a PreparedStatement.

    Thirdly, there is no way we can be certain what is happening as this "DATABANK" class is definately no part of the JDK.

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