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    Default S.O.S SyBase Connection

    Hi guys,
    From sybase webpage I've downloaded a jconn3.jar file, I'm trying to connect from a class and I can't!
    Please if someone of you have the sentence of connection to the sybase,Can you send me??? is very urgent
    I do not want to use DNS (ODBC), they have said to me that I have to do an odbc ... I want to connect directly, thank you for everything.
    PD. The base of information is remote. Name of the server: MED and his(her,your) ip is:,7000
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    This does not work for you?
    Connection connection = DriverManager.getConnection(url, username, password);
    with the URL being something like:
    Java Code:
    String url = "jdbc:oracle:thin:@" + serverName + ":" + portNumber
    					+ ":" + sid;
    expect of course with the string needed for sybase (as I am using oracle).
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    Hi Marty:
    I connect to Sybase with java, and wue use DBVisualizer, and
    Squirrel-sql. as a clients
    There are 2 types of server in sybase:
    1 - Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere
    2 - Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise

    The url format is different in 1 and 2.
    You have to find what type is your server

    I give you some url so you try:
    type one:


    example: Name=TEST40_SQL

    type 2:




    ah! You have to provide the user and pass

    good luck

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