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    Default using JCheckBox, JButton and JTextArea with JDBC

    Iím wondering do any of you have links to web pages that include tutorials and source code on using JCheckBox, JButton and JTextArea with JDBC. would any of you who have experience with using JCheckBox, JButton, JTextArea and JDBC together be able to give me a few tips on how to select certain data from a table using JCheckBox, JButton and display the data in a JTextArea? examples of such data could be CD/DVD/Game data - i want users of my video library system to be able to view CD/DVD/Game information by name, age category, type and year. Users should be able to click on a check box (e.g. view by name, age category, type or year) and press a button. What would happen then is that data from the Product table would appear in the text area (which could be placed beneath the check box + button inside a frame).

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    that is actually not recommended these days because by that our application will be two layered (DB layer, UI layer )instead of the four or five layered flexible application

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