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    Default Help, programming database

    Hi..I am going to program a database for a user. I need to programming it in JCREATOR so that it creates profiles of the students (like name, address, phone... etc) and allow them to update it as they would I start and program this..
    can anyone give me an outline or something?

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    Make a new, larger array and copy the values of the old one into the new one.

    Java Code:
    Object[] tempArray = new Object[myArray.length + increment];
    for (int i = 0; i < myArray.length; i++) 
          tempArray[i] = myArray[i];
    myArray = tempArray;
    Every time you add an element, you should check to see if the array is at its limit, and if it is, call a method that makes it larger.

    I do suggest learning the linked list method, however, as they offer much more functionality (such as the logical extension of them, binary search trees).

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