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    Default Lost and confused - Java/j and mxj

    To start with i'll tell you what i have.

    First off my program unzips the two folders into the C drive and then loads the classes

    Java Code:
    Next i need to connect to the database to use it.

    Now i know that mxj allows me to have the database inside of itself while the program is running, but i can't find out how to start a new database.

    All i seam to be able to find it methods to connect to it, but theres no point in connecting to a database that doesn't exist as it has no username nad password protecting it which i would like to set.

    Also, once i load the three .jar files, do i need to do it again during the program or just the once? And do i connect to the database just the ones, or whenever i need to run a command?

    I do of course have a main file running that never stops, which all the database querys can be sent through, if i can make the database...

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    Solved the first problem.

    Now i need to make a table.

    Why do none of the guides seam to tell you what command to use >.<

    Also, does anyone know a program to get overview of a database thats being run through mxj?

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