hey there,

I have a local JAVA application connected to a remote DB using a sqlserver driver.

The table has strings, numbers and a varbinary column defined to hold audio data.

I used local *.SQL files in order to populate the tables initially. I used an OPENROWSET SINGLE_BLOB SQL call to move the audio data into the varbinary field, all that worked fine.

I've got the local JAVA code working to get the audio data OUT from the DB, am able to play it and i can also create new local audio data, in WAV file format.

What i don't have is the local SQL code to move the data back into the DB.

I don't have stored procedures written yet either for the DB so I am using hard-coded SQL statements and supplying the strings & numbers for the other fields but am a little stuck with how to deal with the audio data.

All the tutorials and books [we don't have that many] I have seen [so far] just use simple data type examples, like characters and numbers.

Any examples or thoughts would be greatly appreciated ?