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    Default ODBC versus SQLSERVER data retrieval issues, known ???

    I'm writing some JAVA code in a Windows XP/VISTA environment.

    I have text and audio WAV data in small SQL Server 2005 - 2008 databases [the following problem exists in both databases, i made 2 different dbs to see if it went away in v2008 but it didn't].

    The audio data was inserted into the db using :
    * FROM OPENROWSET(BULK N'C:\_fullpath_to_audio\audio_2.WAV', SINGLE_BLOB) AS Audio_Data [if there's a better / more efficient way, please let me know, this was the 1st way that worked]

    Using the same database and the same Java code, i get different results when i all i change is the connection, i.e., ODBC versus sqlserver.

    SQLSERVER retrieves the data just fine and i can play it in either my JAVA program or by Media Player as a WAV file.

    However, when i use an ODBC connection, the code "says" it returns the audio data just fine, and the JAVA code creates a local WAV file [which is the same size as the originally INSERTed WAV data] but :
    1] Inside the JAVA code, when i try to access the data, the FILE access routines keep coming back as null and saying that the file doesn't exist ?, and,
    2] If i use Explorer and try to "Play" the file in Windows Media Player, it says the file is the incorrect format ?

    And i swear, the only lines that change in the program are the connectionURL string and the Class.forName driver spec ?

    Is this a known problem ?
    Anyone have any ideas why this is happening and how to correct it ?

    Thanks in advance !!!

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    Why do you even want to use the Bridge? Just use the JDBC Driver, as you should be. The Bridge isn't really meant for anything but quick proof-of-concept type stuff. It does not support either concurrent connections, nor concurrent statements.

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