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Thread: Oracle and JDBC

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    Default Oracle and JDBC

    I'm trying to connect to an Oracle DB but have no idea where to start. I've been searching through multitudes of documentation without any luck.

    Mainly it doesn't tell you what driver you need in specific, then it goes on about which jar you need but again, without being specific.

    In fact, I haven't found any documents which give you a manual on how to do it properly, most of them just say "use the JDBC thin client" and they leave it at that.

    I've got the thin client and included it in my project in Eclipse, I still can't get anything to work. Do I need to install the client tools?


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    JDBC thin driver is the one I have used to connect to Oracle in the past.

    Depending on your requirements, you can either
    • Add the JDBC Driver to your class path
    • Uncompress the contents of the jar file in your project

    Personally, I think uncompressing the contents into your project is the way to that will allow portability of your application as long as the Database is accessible from other machines.

    If you are building a web app, you should include your jar file in WEB-INF/lib

    If you want to configure eclipes to connect to your database, here is an example showing a connection to MySQL


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    You have to use classes12.jar which is the jdbc driver.

    Also you can use hibernate to connect to the Oracle database.


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    Thumbs up worked for me..........

    Thanx a lot it worked for me.

    i was also getting the oracle connection error, as i was trying to connect my oracle database thru ma jsp application.

    i have kept the file in the web-inf/lib folder of ma web application.

    and it worked fine.

    Thanx n Regards

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