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    Default Sql string with callable statement..

    Hi All,

    How do i get a dump of a stored procedure (the exact call that is being made ).. When i use AS400JDBCCallableStatement and have a call something like
    call procedureA(?,?,?) and i pass in the in and out parameters and what i need is something which gives me a dump of the sql statement something
    call procedureA(val1,val2,val3) which i can then directly copy and paste it to an sql editor. i tried toString on the CallableStatement but it wouldnt work .

    I am using AS400JDBCCallableStatement object and am registering the in and out parameters but was expecting either toString to give me the dump or for the CallableStatement to have a method called "dump" which dumps the actual SQL String but it did not have any.

    Thx a zillion

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    I'm not sure if there is an easier way but check out P6spy. It basically offers a way to proxy your sql calls. So your app uses the P6spy driver, P6spy logs the sql, then P6spy calls the database driver and passes your query along.

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