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    Default netbeans and sqlite

    I need access to an SQLite databse which lies on another machine. I have installed 'uSQLiteServer' on the machine holding the SQLite database and can successfully connect to it using a hyperterminal and I can execute SQL queries. How can I access this with netbeans 5.5? I have an SQLite driver and a JDBC-ODBC bridge installed in netbeans. Will these drivers work? What do I type into the database URL Field? When using hyper terminal I just typed in the ipaddress and port number and it connected fine and i was able to query the db. In netbeans I keep getting an error saying "Unable to add connection, cannot establish conection to 'database url' using org.sqlite.JDBC(path to '//ipaddress' :\\' does not exist"

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    Have a look at JDBC tutorial first. I never use the assistant to create database connections. Read the SQLite documentation too(string for JDBC connection)

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