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    Default vending machine

    Hello i am trying to do a project for extra credit and i cant find out how to do what i want

    i want to somehow assign a string to have a value so when someone wants say koolaid to have a value of 42 and for it to minus that from the balance the user input say 100 so the vending machine asks to insert a coin and then says pick a drink and u say koolaid and it take the value of koolaid of 42 and minus it from 100 and the says remaining balance 52 i got most of the code but im not for sure how to assign it a value please help

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    Default Re: vending machine

    What have you tried? You might want to have a look at the following:
    Java How to Program (stuck on homework? READ THIS BEFORE POSTING)

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    You could use a Map with the key being the product name and the value being its cost

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