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    Default Do While loop error

    Good evening everyone. I'm trying to figure out where the error in my program is. I'm making a program that calculates the area of a shape, and it is supposed to run in a Do-While loop as long as the user inputs a "Y". If the user inputs an "N" the program is supposed to terminate. The program compiles, but there is a logic error that causes the program to terminate when it asks the user if they would like to compute another area.

    Here's what the program looks like:

    Purpose: This program computes the area of a square with a loop

    import java.util.Scanner;
    import java.text.*;

    public class Square
    /** Main method */
    public static void main (String[] args)
    // Define Constants

    final String AREA_FORMAT = "#,###.000";

    // Define Variables
    double width;
    double area;
    Scanner input = new Scanner(;
    DecimalFormat dfArea = new DecimalFormat(AREA_FORMAT);

    char response = 'Y';

    // Assign a value to the height and width


    System.out.print("Enter the width and height of a perfect square: ");
    width = input.nextDouble();

    // Check user input
    if (width > 0)
    // Compute area using the width x height formula
    area = width * width;

    // Display results
    // Using a combination of DecimalFormat Class and printf formatters
    System.out.printf("The area of a square is computed by the following formula:\n\tArea = width x height");
    System.out.println("\nBy subtituting in the value(s) that you entered, the formula looks like:");
    System.out.printf("\tArea = %s x %s ", dfArea.format(width), dfArea.format(width));
    System.out.printf("\n\tArea = %s\n", dfArea.format(area));
    // Print out Error Message
    System.out.printf("The area of a square can only be calculated by using a width or height value greater than 0.\nYou entered \"%s\" for the width.\n", dfArea.format(width));

    System.out.print("Would you like to play again? (Y or N)");
    response = (char)input.nextInt();
    switch (response)
    case 'Y': response = 'Y';
    case 'y': response = 'Y';
    case 'N': response = 'N';
    case 'n': response = 'N';
    default: System.out.print("You have made an invalid entry");

    while (response == 'Y');
    }while (response != 'N');

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    Try response =; instead of response = (char)input.nextInt();
    And I think you are looking for
    while (response != 'Y' && response != 'N')
    for the condition of the inner do-while loop ?!

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