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    Default how to enable jcreator to accept command line arguments?


    This is my first post. So, hello to everyone :)

    Am using Jcreator and i have writtern a simple program to accept two numbers and compare them to see which is bigger.

    Problem am facing is, i am not able to give my inputs to the program when i "Run Project" using Jcreator!! It runs and throws the below error..

    This is to find maximum of two numbers
    Enter the First Number
    Length :0
    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0
    at maxTwo.main(
    Exception in thread "main"
    Process completed.

    But i can run the same program via command prompt and get the correct output as below

    D:\Official\Java Apps>java maxTwo 45 43
    This is to find maximum of two numbers
    Enter the First Number
    Length :2
    Enter the Second Number
    First number45is greater than43

    Please suggest.

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    Hmm, it took lots of time since i use jcreator but all IDEs use similar logic to handle JVM parameters for projects. Find rpoject properties, (I guess it will be open if you right click to the project and select "Properties" or it might be under "Project" menu if any.) So this is a project level parameter to set, if you find where to modify project parameters, you will find a way there to specify program input! Hope this helps.

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