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    Default error with JCreator

    man JCreator looks nice and is the best IDE i have seen yet, but when i compile applets i ALWAYS get a "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSucHMethodError: main" i know it should work here is the applet template i use:

    // The "Applet1" class.
    import java.applet.*;
    import java.awt.*;

    public class Applet1 extends Applet

    public void init ()
    setBackground (;
    } // init method

    public void paint (Graphics g)

    } // paint method
    } // Applet1 class

    the code is all there - dunno why it doesnt work tho

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    I am not using JCreator for a long time. But the error look familiar to me. I think JCreator tries to execute your class as a java application, not a java applet. For that purpose, it tries to find a main method but can not find it and gives this error.

    Create a new Java Applet project and add this class to your new project or try changing runtime details (somehow select to run it as an applet instead of application if it is possible) from your project properties.

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    I think you may have not create the html file and my kind advice is to use netbeans to run java...

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    I had a similar error with jcreator..

    I saved the filename with a different name from the class name.. It worked when I rectified it.. Try maybe..

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    You can create an easy html file, addit to your project and run from the html, and it loads the applet viewer, no prob.

    Alternatively, and even easier:

    go to Project (on menu) ->Project Settings ->JDK tools tab -> and for select tool type, choose Run Applet from the drop-down list

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