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Thread: help Java game

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    Default help Java game

    Hi guys,
    I have started using Java very recently, and
    I have a problem with the images
    it doesn't work. Every things work but, the images I cant see it in the game when I run it

    So, how can I make images shown in the game

    this is my project so, I really need help
    and this is the first time using Java

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    Hello, and welcome to the forum!

    As for your question on using images, a lot depends on how you're coding your app. Is this a Swing GUI, an AWT GUI, SWT? Something different? How are you currently trying to display images?

    Also, I think that this really isn't a JCreator question, so I'll probably move this thread depending on your replies.

    One site that has helped me ask better questions and will likely help you is this: How to ask Questions

    Best of luck!

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