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    Default <core:forEach var="" begin="+<%=j%>+">???

    Hi friends,

    I used the below code,

    Java Code:
                int j = 0;
                for (int i = 0; i < 25; i++) {%>
    <core:forEach var="result_list" items="${searched.result_list}" begin[B]="+<%=j%>+"[/B] end[B]="+<%=j%>+">[/B]
        <tr><td align="left" class="fastTitle"><core:out value="${result_list}" escapeXml="false"/> </td></tr>
    <% j++;%>
    <core:forEach var="result_list" items="${searched.result_list}" begin[B]="+<%=j%>+"[/B] end[B]="+<%=j%>+">[/B]
        <tr><td align="left" class="fastTeaser"><core:out value="${result_list}" escapeXml="false"/> </td></tr>
    <% j++;
    I mean, begin and end are int values like 0,1,2. But for me, I want them to be a dynamic value and thats why I used a for loop.

    I got an error saying, "incompatible type found: intrequired:java.lang.object incompatible type found".

    Any suggestions/correction??

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    Well what I see, though I am exposing myself to counter-claim, is trying to do real application programming in what is supposed to be a server-side include language.

    Maybe very do-able, maybe I am wrong ..... but that is what I see.

    There is a syntax very close to what you have that will do what you say, but server-side includes,... is that called a variable there?

    Probably some fancy name for variable that ......

    uh, I better quit here.
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